Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut...

Ok, so I am sure you've all heard by now about our scary night in New Hampshire over Labor Day Weekend. (and no it wasn't just because with were with Mike, although he is alittle scary. hehe!)
Charlotte had an allergic reaction to what, we had no idea at the time. Swollen lip, turned into coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and hives everywhere. By the time we got her to the emergency room, she was having such a hard time breathing, it was so scary. But, my little girl was so brave. So strong. She did great. And the doctors and nurses at the Parkland Medical Center were the best. They really help to keep Charlotte calm, and me calm. I think keeping me calm is sometimes hard.
Anyway, long story short, we now know she is severely allergic to tree nuts. Yep, tree nuts. Not peanuts, but pretty much everything else. Now epipens, reading labels, and teaching a four year old to ask about nuts before eating anything is our life. I feel like a tree nut Nut!

Then at work, I am trying to do the job of two right now. We are short handed and I am attempting to pick up the pieces, see twice as many kids, and get back to every teacher that asks me. It is crazy. I am exhausted! I am hoping people at work understand, but I know that deep down, people don't care that I am short handed. Everyone has a job to do and everyone keeps track of their own. So, I am doing what I can and praying each day for the strength to get through. Even at work I am feeling nutty!!!!

Now finally, the H1N1 vaccine! Ugh! What to do? Pregnant women are at the top of the list to get this vaccine. Now it is scary. It has been rushed to market because of the flu scare. My OB/GYN tells me that if I get the swine flu, I could have some serious complications. But getting the vaccine, my baby and I definitely will get the vaccine, with all the added ingredients, that we don't know what the side effects on me or my baby will be. I am losing sleep over this debate. I feel like a nut!

It's been forever since I've posted. It's been forever since I've seen my best friends, and been able to talk to them. It's been forever since I've gotten a good night sleep. It's been forever since I have felt good about my job each day. Something has got to give. I need to crack these nuts. Now you all know why it has taken me forever to post...

Does anyone have a nut cracker?