Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tears and Fears

Why do we cry? Sadness. Stress. Emotion. Happiness. There are so many reasons. I sit here, bawling. I just vacuumed the whole house, and each room I was thinking of all the memories we have here.

As many of you know, we are selling this house at the end of May. I am filled with so much emotion about this big move that it has been hard to see clearly.

We bought this house ten days before our wedding. We have been through so much here. We did amazing things to this house to update it and make it seem more like ours. We put on a roof, new windows, redid the family room, put on a deck, and then made the nursery for our babies, and a big kid room as we added to our family.
Plus we went through our infertility trials here. Shots, medications, disappointments, and finally the greatest words "you're pregnant".
We came home here after my Dad's funeral. We came here after each baby was born. We had countless family gatherings here.
We, before kids, had New Year's Eve parties here. Man, they we fun!

So many memories!!!

Now, as Gordon says, it is time to start our new chapter. Move to our new home, start memories there. So much to look forward to in our new house. This house, on Bunce Rd, was a great home...
Now it is time to move to our new home, on Surrey Place, and open the book of our lives in a new chapter.

*Deep Breath*


Linda said...

Just remember that you'll always have those memories with you no matter where you live.

Sarah Daigle said...

We are so excited for you all and this new adventure that you are heading into. You will give it your magic touch and the house will become a home in no time. Let us know when the painting party is!

AP said...

Happy New Home to all the Daigles! I'm certain it is already filling up with memories. xoxo