Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I haven't posted on here in forever.  Things have been and continue to be up and down, like a roller coaster for us.  So much going job, new school year, kids getting bigger, turning the big 4-0!

Anyway, I have been thinking so much about blood sugars and Type One Diabetes and all the misconceptions that are out there about Type One.  So many people, when they think of Diabetes, think of Type Two Diabetes, and even hearing about Charlotte automatically assume Type One and Type Two are the same, which they are NOT!! 

I can't even count how many times people have asked me if her blood sugars are "stable".

Ummm...yes? no? maybe?  sometimes?  When Venus is in retrograde and a zebra with pink stripes knocks on my front door?

How do I even start to answer that question?

Of course it is not just doctors and nurses.

Its family and friends too.

Sometimes it's the people closest to us that just don't get it.  They are the ones asking if our kids are under control yet or if they are stable.

And THAT is most irritating.  And disappointing.

That makes us feel the most alone.  Because if those closest to us don't understand...who will?

Maybe we are a little sensitive (or atleast I am...).  But it's that word "yet" that gets to me.  Like our little girl should be under some magical control where her blood sugars are always in range.  You know...because that's possible.

It makes me want to stand on a table or something and scream.  "Don't you get it?!?  There is no stable with diabetes!  There is no control!  Control is an illusion.  It's a mirage.  We MANAGE diabetes.  There are still highs.  There are still lows.  No matter what we do.  WE will never be perfect.  We can not replicate the pancreas to perfection.  And that's just the way it is."

I really do try not to take it personally.  If you don't live it there is just no way you can really understand what it is like.  And I DEFINITELY had no idea before February 19, 2012.

However...when we DO find someone who understands...Priceless!

And I am SO GRATEFUL for the wonderful people in my life who while they don't really get it, they sure do try!

It gets so much sweeter when we find people who DO get it.  People who want to learn.  People who understand.

Today I want to give some of those people a big hug! 

Because you can lead a horse to water.  But you can't make it drink.

For those of you drinking and drinking a lot, Thank You!!!  And for those of you still just taking a sip...come on over.  Let's drink together.

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