Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pigtails and Snails

I found a blog called Pigtails and Snails, where the author is a quilter that I can only describe as WOW!
And well, I am shamelessly posting about a beautiful quilt that Elizabeth Cranmer is giving away. She is so talented, wouldn't you agree.
I added the link to the sidebar, if you want to check it out. I am going to try to win it. I can't believe she is giving it away!
I can only hope to do a giveaway like this one day. Although, I guess giving all my quilts and projects away up to this point, is kind of like the same thing. Check her out, she is quite talented!


Amy and Andrew said...

She has some beautiful things for sure! And some great pictures. Good luck! Hope you win the quilt!

rikrin said...

I found your blog today and I love the way you write and express yourself. I entered to win that beautiful quilt...thanks for the inspiration.