Thursday, December 4, 2008


One, 1, single, solitaire...all words meaning the same thing. One seems so small, and almost insignificant. But not today. Not for us. Not for Ian. Today marks his first birthday. One whole year has passed. I remember that day like it was yesterday.
I had been having contractions off and on for over a month. We were finally going in to be induced and meet our new little one. We had to be in by 7am.

One whole year ago on that ride I talked to you. I told you how much I loved you. I told you how anxious I was to meet you. I told you to be patient with us as we made the transition of having you -- another little baby; a new person; a new member of our family. I told you that it was the holidays and what that meant. I told you that I was ready for you when you were ready to join us. And, I told you that this holiday season, we were extra thankful for you.

One whole year ago, Nana came over and stayed with your sister.

One whole year since we arrived at the hospital, scared, excited, and anxious at a very early hour of the morning.

One whole year since your Daddy coached me along.

One whole year since Dr. Mihalek asked Daddy to cut the cord.

One whole year, since he did!

One year passed in a blink of an eye!
Happy Birthday Ian!

I am just as grateful for you today as I was that day one whole year ago.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for the cuddles, giggles, and smiles.
Thank you for reminding me about the small things in life that we could miss otherwise.


Char said...

Happy Birthday Ian!
We love you and been thinking about you all day. Your mommy brought tears to my eyes. We love you all!
Auntie Char

Amy and Andrew said...

Happy birthday Ian! We love you!

Great post, Karen.

Marcy said...

Karen - another wonderful post that brought tears to my eyes (again!)! You have a way of writing that touches my heart. Thank you for sharing these special pieces of yourself with me and everyone else who reads your posts.

Happy Birthday to you, Ian!


Daddy said...

My sweet little boy! My SON! I love him and my girls more than they'll ever know. Happy Birthday Ian!

All my love always,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ian! You are adorable!

ryreagmom said...

Happy Birthday to Ian and his mommy on his BIRTH day! your posts. Thanks for bringing me back to Earth and what's really important. Thinking about you ya!