Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It seems like today is a good day to let the world know about my Mom.
How special she is.
How strong she is.
How she tries to be the peacemaker.
How she tries to be what everyone needs her to be.
How she thinks of others before herself.

She is one of the people that I can tell most anything to. She has helped me through some tough times. And although there was a time in my life that we weren't really friends, I can happily say that now we are. I am sure there are times that she disagrees with me, or would like to tell me what she REALLY thinks, but I also know she supports me in whatever I do. Now don't get me wrong, she does tell me what she thinks, and she doesn't always hold back. She is a Mom for cryin' out loud, isn't that what Moms do.

I guess, I just want the world to know what a great Mom she is and today is a great day to do that.


AP said...

Happy birthday, Karen! You are soooo right. Your mom is one very special, very strong, very loving and lovely lady. She's a terrific big sis, too! Love to you both!

Amy and Andrew said...

Happy birthday! We love you! (And you too Mama G!)

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful tribute to the woman who gave you life 36 years ago.

Your mom must be so proud of you. You are a wonderful mother and a good person who is smart, successful and certainly knows how to be a great friend. You possess all of the qualities that we, as mothers, hope to see in our daughters as we raise them from helpless newborns to independent mature women. GOOD JOB KATHY!!

Happy Birthday my friend!

Sarah Daigle said...

What a great way to celebrate your birthday, by honoring the woman who made it happen! We love you (both) and hope you had a great day.