Sunday, March 1, 2009

True Love.

I know many have heard of the old adage that as a couple gets to their later years of life, if one passes away, the other is not long for this world. Well, this week I've begun to believe in that more and more. About six months ago, my family lost a very special lady and on Wednesday her husband followed.
My big brother-in-law's Dad, Ralph, passed away. He was an extraordinary man. As the priest at his funeral mass said, he lived a quiet, respectful, and very dignified life. He was a genuine person, who was truly interested in what you had to say and he wanted to share his life experiences with you too. He was a WWII vet and a firefighter. At the funeral there were firemen and military personal. It was quite moving.
Chuck was his pride and joy. And I KNOW how much he loved my sister. Char always had a special spot in her heart for him too.
I will never forget his smile, his laugh, and the way he called me "Kar". I can even hear him in my mind "How ya doin' Kar?". I love this photo of them both. This is how I will remember them.

I will never understand death. I don't know anyone really understands. So sad, but my faith helps me through.

I will truly miss you, Mr. Dortenzio. But I know you are back with your true love.


MKG said...

Nice tribute, Karen, to a man who really deserves it.
I,too, think he was a very special individual. Maybe we can all learn from him.

Chuck D (In the house) said...

Whatever anyone does, I hope they will life like he did, with "No Regrets." Thanks Karen.

Amy and Andrew said...

Peace be to his memory.

AP said...

Well said, Karen. A special blog in tribute to a very special man. All of our lives are richer for having known him.