Friday, June 12, 2009

Dancing Queen

Charlotte had her first dance recital a few weekends ago and when I tell you it was so "stinkin' cute", it really was.

Not only was it my first experience at a dance recital where they did all kinds of dances, but seeing your child up on this huge stage, having a great time really warms your heart.

She did two dances. A ballet number called Angels in Training where they sang and danced. It brought tears to my eyes. No shock there, right. And the second dance was a tap number called Lollipop. These are the costumes that they wore for both. The only difference was that they wore wings too for the tap number. This is a photo of Charlotte and her friend Reagan. It was all so cute.

I just can't get over how big she is getting. How proud I am of her and the little girl she is becoming. Even though she didn't do all the steps exactly right, and may have seemed a little stage fright. She did great! And now she can't wait to get back on "the big stage".

She is my little girl, who is getting so big, and I couldn't be more proud! My little Dancing Queen!


Amy and Andrew said...

Congratulations, Dancing Queen! We are so proud of you and you look so pretty in your costume! Next time we talk, you'll have to tell us all about it! We love you!

Linda said...

Stop it! A cute little ballerina bun. I can't take it, it's so cute.

AP said...

So precious! Little Dancing Queen! Gbyky. Love you loads! xoxo

carrie klepacz said...

way too cute!! I love it!! such a great pic too!