Sunday, June 28, 2009


We sure had a storm! On Friday afternoon, Charlotte and I were in the garage putting out some recycling, when she spotted some dark black clouds in the distance. We talked about how it was probably raining at Grammie's house. We went inside and got Ian up. Literally five minutes later, I was running around the house closing windows.

I closed them most of the way, to still let some air in, but keep the rain out. Well, that was a mistake! I had to run around again. The rain was coming in like buckets, even through the small opening.

Then the wind! The hail! It was pretty crazy! We couldn't see out the windows. Sheets of water were coming from the sky, along with hail that was atleast marble size. It was so hard on the windows, I thought the windows would break.

Next the power went out! We got our flashlights and waited.

Finally after about fifteen minutes or so, it began to slow down. We could see out the windows.
Hail covered the garden.
A huge tree branch covered our shed, cracking the edge of the roof.
Another branch blocked the driveway.

But we were lucky.
Only blocks away...
The National Weather Service confirmed an EF 1 Tornado tore through Wethersfield on Friday afternoon. Crazy!

Luckily, my kids and Gordon and I are used to living without lights, through our camping trips and such. They each had their lanterns, we had flashlights and candles in the house.
Once everyone was fed and bathed and down for the night. Gordon and I sat in the dark and listened to the Red Sox play on the radio.

Not a bad night. A scary afternoon, but not a bad night.

Power came back on Saturday morning, although we had no t.v. so we didn't know the extent of this damage, until we took a "tour" of our town. It was indescribable. Trees uprooted, power lines down, homes destroyed. Clean up still continues today.

Definitely not something you see everyday. And hopefully we won't see again for a long time.


Amy and Andrew said...

Glad you all are ok. Those are some incredible pictures!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are all ok - definitely scary stuff!!


Cyndee said...

We were wondering how you faired in the storm! Stella was out of power until Sunday night! We had the hail and wind, too. Never lost our power though. Also, belated HOORAYS! Seems like I've heard this news before though - one of your aunts many years ago......... Congratulations!