Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Books, Books, Books!

A few weeks ago I took Charlotte and Ian to the town library. Charlotte LOVES books. From the time she could speak, one of her favorite sentences was "Read da book". We decided that this was a hobby that we wanted to foster in her. She can't get enough reading. She will ask us to read and re-read the same book so many times that she memorizes it and then "reads" it to her dolls. This is actually how I found her bed this morning when she got up:

Yup! She even has to sleep with her books. It was too cute that I had to take a picture. Her big girl bed used to be filled with stuffed animals and such, now books are there instead. At night, after she is in bed, we can hear her reciting (her form of reading) the books to Darla, who is her favorite baby doll.
So we went to the library and she got her first library card. We took out three books, one of which was a huge hit. I'm sure many of you have heard of it, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff.
To learn more click here.
She loved it so much, that when we went back this week, we took out If You Give a Pig a Pancake, also by Laura Joffe Numeroff. I think we will have to get them all eventually. Every time we finish this one, she says "next time we have to find the Moose one". There is a picture of it at the end of this book. It's called If You Give a Moose a Muffin. I want to get this one too. :)

Here's my small thing from that trip to the library...
Charlotte made a friend when we were there!! As some of you know, Charlotte is so quiet in new situations. When she gets comfortable, she opens up to the talkative little girl that Gordon and I know. Anyway, another little girl was at the library too. She went up to Charlotte and asked her her name. I cringed because I thought "oh no, she isn't going to answer and the little girl will move on". To my absolute delight I heard her respond "Charlotte". The little girl continued on and asked how old she was..."Two" she replied with a smile.
As the tears rolled down my face (no surprise here), the two were off playing together in the library playroom.
One small thing that made me smile!


Amy and Andrew said...

What a sweet story! It must be so rewarding as a parent to watch as your child starts to assert her independence and identity. I love that Charlotte loves books! Hopefully she won't wake up with paper cuts! :)

Ann said...

Awwww that was sweet and a tear came to my eye as I read that. I remember so many moments like that as my children were growing up and now that they are young adults I still find myself tearing up from time to time. Children are the best !!!!!

Sarah, Eric and Alexander said...

It is so great to see her personality come out! Congratulations on her new ticket to adventures and excitement. Maby she needs to have a current reading list too!

Anonymous said...

I used to keep a gratitude journal of 3 things I was grateful for every night, but then life seemed to get in the way. Silly me...life is all about gratitude and gratitude is all about life. You have inspired me to begin again.

Things I am grateful for...
1) Karen inspiring me to start again
2) my fab family
3) our new home


AP said...

Books, books, books, they open so many doors, so many adventures. We still have books all around the house. I bought 4 books yesterday while out with E. What a sweet story! And Charlotte IS already READING!!! I am so enjoying your blog. I find myself looking forward to your entries each day!
Love to you all,

Mom said...

Wow, have you been busy with this most enjoyable blog. As Ann said this one brought tears to my eyes as well. It reminds me of days some thirty years ago.

ryreagmom said...

So sweet, Karen. We have some book lovers here at our house too. Foster that because books can take you places you have never been. Maybe R & R and Charlotte can start their own book club!! Had fun hanging out yesterday...let's do it again soon.

Stacey Michaud said...

HeHe! Nathan loves that collection of books too--likes to carry all of them around at once (no surprise there). Isn't it great to be able to witness your children in action, to feel that pride! Great story!

Christian said...

YAYYY! A new friend! Good for Charlotte... I may have to swing by the Wethersfield library add those books to my summer reading list!

Anonymous said...

Loved your story and made note of the author. If Charlotte can remember the words that well to read to Darla then she has a great memory. Stories about the kids are the best!!! Looking forward to more.

Cynthia said...

If You Give A Pig a Pancake is a favorite in our house as well.
It is amazing as a parent watching our children grow. It's so important to take a step back (like you did)and appreciate them and what they do.