Friday, July 25, 2008

OT and the Small Things

So as many of you know I am an occupational therapist and I work with children with all kinds of special needs in the public school setting.

Being an OT is so much of who I am.

I am dedicated to my work and to the families who look to me for advice, treatment, and results for their children.

I think as OT's we do things that are seem very small or something we think are so basic, but are so huge for a child or a family.

So remembering to appreciate the little things is huge.

Remembering to look at how you change the world one small thing at a time is huge too. That way you appreciate all the other small things around you, and at the same time it encourages you to see all the cool things in life you do.

This post is based on some great advice I got from a wonderful OT. Thanks Lisa!


Amy and Andrew said...

I love watching you be an OT! It does remind me of how small things are so monumental. I loved it when you would observe Charlotte and say, "I think she's going to be a lefty. No! Righty. No, wait, maybe she will be a lefty!" You are a fabulous OT and your students are so lucky to have you!

Karen said...

Thanks Amy,
and I think Charlotte's a lefty! :)

Anonymous said...

OT, I would imagine, does make you have to take your time and appreciate the small things. The kids and families that have the opportunity to work with you don't know how lucky they are. Also other professionals that work with you feel lucky too!

Cynthia said...

The kids who you work with are so fortunate to have someone as dedicated and compassionate as you.

Sarah, Eric and Alexander said...

I am lucky to get to see you at your craft Karen and you are great! I know many parents who appreciate that their child can finally tie their own shoe! You make me proud to be the "other Mrs. Daigle".