Friday, August 8, 2008


I love quilting. These stockings are my favorite project that I have done to date. I have been quilting for ten years, and I still feel like I just can't get it perfect. I have been making quilts for friends and family and have yet to make one for myself. The closest is making some for my kids.
Here are just a few of the quilts that I have made so far..

This one was for my niece's big girl bed:
This one was the quest book at my wedding:
This one was for my Mom:
This one I made for my sister's ten year anniversary, and the blue was from my Maid of Honor dress:
This one was for a very special bride-to-be:

This one was for my little sister at her bridal shower:
This is one of my first quilts for my best friend's bridal shower:

I've also done some pot holders as gifts.

And I have made what I am calling memory quilts. I use clothing from loved ones and make them into memory quilts. My Dad passed away in 2000. I've made now two quilts and pillows from his famous plaid shirts. This is a mini quilt I made for my daughter out of those plaid shirts. And I am finishing a airplane quilt for my son, also out of the plaid shirts. Here's some samples of what it will be like:

There is a brown border and then a navy blue border with white stars in the navy. I am still trying to come up with a binding and backing fabric, so if there are any quilters out there that have a suggestion...please!!

I have been inspired by quilt blogs that I have found to show you all some of the work that I have done. And to expand to making some quilts with different fabrics than what I am used to. I LOVE the fabrics that I have found by Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. They are not the typical quilting fabrics that I'm sure many of you are used to. I just need to find my inner creativity and pick a pattern or something to try with some of these fabrics.

I love quilting! It's a small thing that gives me strength. Quilting is creative, therapeutic, and a way for me to be me!


Joyce said...

I am very impressed. I don't know which I like the best. Maybe the big log cabin star. Although those airplanes are special too.

Amy and Andrew said...

We LOVE the quilt you made for us! I see it everyday and it reminds me of you!

ap said...

They are all so beautiful! It's almost enough to have me pull out the fabrics and take up quilting again! One of these days, I'm sure. It's not a quilted piece, but did you know that one of your very early stitched crafts still hangs in my bedroom? Keep showing your creative work! Love you loads!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful work! I love that you are using materials that have meaning.

Purple Pam said...

Your quilts are great. I cannot decide which one I like best. Keep up the good work. Do you have a purple quilt in your future?

Mom said...

Proud Mom must point out that mine is queen-bed size (doesn't look that big in the picture, but it is) and looks beautiful on my bed. Also don't forget all those precious "memory pillows" that were made from Dad's shirts. What special gifts to so many lucky people.

YankeeQuilter said...

I love how you have used your Dad's shirts to make quilts! You should check out Bonnie at Quiltville's web site. She uses lots of shirting fabrics and has lots of free patterns. It is a great place to sit down with a cuppa tea and get inspired!

Thanks for sharing your quilts and your story!

Myra said...

I popped on over from Joyce's blog! You have some very lovely quilts there! Yahoo, good for you! 8-)
Welcome to the blogging world...a welcome better late than never! 8-)
I too am fairly new to blogging. Still learning...
Happy stitchings!

Karen said...

I've gotten tons of feedback from all of you commenting here, and some in separate emails. People are looking for more photos of my work. I will upload some more soon. Some baby ones and other "memory ones" that seem to be the biggest hit. I'm sure I have photos of the others. Thanks to you all for the support! Please keep visiting.

Sarah, Eric and Alexander said...

I love how you do not limit yourself to one type of quilting style or item. That shows your creativity and true love of the craft. We also count ourselves as lucky to be the holders of a KD original.

AB said...

Nice work Karen, I think my favorite so far is the airplane quilt and with wonderful meaning behind it. Is that the one that I am going to quilt for you? I hope I can do it justice.

Karen said...

Some have said the pictures don't do these justice. Thanks for that. Please feel free to try clicking on them to see a closer look.

Lauranie said...

I really like the things you make, I can only aspire to be this good one day! I think the airplanes are my favorite. Really cute and creative!