Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Olympic Anticipation!

So the Olympics start on Friday. Are you excited? I am. For some reason I get very excited when the Olympics come around. Both the summer and the winter games, I really get into. I don't know if it is because I wish I had the strength and discipline to get that far on something or if it renews my faith in humanity because of the fact that the whole world comes together for some healthy competition. There is something about the torch running through all the countries and ending in a huge torch that stays lit for the two weeks or so of the games.

This year in Beijing, the theme is One World, One Dream. I think it is an inspiring one. I know there are protesters to the Olympics and those who have something to say about how the Olympics are run or where they are held, but I for one am inspired by the dedication of the athletes, the way the world comes together, and how all sports have their day in the sun.

For example, there are many local athletes from CT going to the games. I had no idea. There are about 550 athletes on Team USA. Everyone knows Michael Phelps, Misty May, and of course Dara Torres (who actually you should check out if you don't know her), but there are local athletes that are there too. Check out your state. I'm sure there are people from your state too. In researching and talking to those who do know who these people are I found there are eleven athletes from CT. Their sports range from shooting, to fencing, to basketball, to equestrian, to sailing, and archery. I'm sure I am forgetting one. Here's the link to where I found all of them.

The one I spent some time reading about was Butch Johnson from Woodstock, CT. His sport is archery. I spent some time looking into him because my nephew, Anthony, is very much into archery right now. He is actually the one who told me that Butch was going to be in Beijing. Archery is also something that I do not know that much about, but I am learning. I know in the Olympics there is a men's and women's team event and then individual events too. It is 70 meters from the archer to the target. The target is on a slight incline. The targets are, I think, 122 cm in diameter, and all the ten colors on the target are divided equally in circles. They are white, black, blue, red, and yellow. I know there are specific ways to hold the bow and arrow, but I can't remember the specifics at the moment. Click here to learn more. It is an interesting and difficult sport. Patience, practice, and discipline are a must. Anyway, I learned something. Hope you did too.

So, opening ceremonies are Friday night. 8-8-08!

Watch, Enjoy, Find a favorite...Share a moment with the world!
(alittle cheesy, I know, but I'm excited :))


Amy and Andrew said...

My favorite part of the Olympics is when the networks do those introductions of the athletes right before their event. They usually talk about the athlete's struggles, inspirations, and their path to the games. By the end of those intros, I'm usually in tears, feeling as though I'm about to cheer on my best friend!

Sage said...

Yes, I am excited about the Olympics. I sit in front of the TV the whole time they're on, watching every sport, most of them more than once. The stories of many of the athletes are so inspiring...I love the whole drama surrounding the Olympics!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of the Olympics, winter and summer too!
ps: I think bel, biv, devoe are performing at the opening ceremonies!

ryreagmom said...


See...another thing we have in common. I am an Olympics addict! I love them and I am disappointed because I have to teach a scrapbook class tonight and I am going to miss the opening ceremonies...Boo Hoo! I may try to tape some of it. Of course, I love the soccer, but I also love to watch the swimming and the gymnastics. So, thanks for this post...can't wait to start watching.


Joyce said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'd love to see some of your quilts. The quote on my post was sent to me by a friend and it sort of describes the way I'd like to live, except I'm allergic to alcohol and get very sick if I drink much of it so maybe the wine bottle is just for show. Lol.