Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh no, they didn't!

When it comes to TV commercials, I used to become enthralled, now I don't have the time. I'm off to grab a snack, fold laundry--anything but watch 30 to 60 seconds of someone telling me I can't live without their product or service. But recently, one apparel retailer has stopped me dead in my tracks, as I stare at the television in absolute awe. The new JCPenney commercial actually stopped me mid-bite of a snack. And nothing gets between me and my food. Until now. Do not click the link, if you do not want the wonderfulness that is the 1985 Breakfast Club and it's innocence to be tainted.

Those of us who live for 80's music and movies, may find this commercial tough to take. Ok, those of you who don't love The Breakfast Club, like I do, may wonder why this is something I even need to post about. Maybe I am dating myself or causing some of you to think..."the 80's? yuck!", but I don't care!

The song in this new commercial has been one that I have loved since the day it was released. It is "Don't You (Forget About Me)", by Simple Minds released in 1985.
Here's what the song really is supposed to sound like (with alittle more of the movie to watch)...when it was done by Simple Minds. In my craziness of learning more about this commercial I have found out that this song was redone for the commercial by a group called New Found Glory. It's good, but nothing compares to the original.
Now, why post about this. I'm not really sure, except that it struck me so much. JCPenney? The Breakfast Club? Simple Minds? It just doesn't all go together in my head! Plus there is a girl in the commercial wearing a Nirvana T-shirt! I guess I just am having a hard time putting it all together. Ha!

I can almost hear the ad executives in the meeting about this advertising plug:
"Let's really alienate the youth and show them how them just how much we don't get it by re-doing The Breakfast Club film! You know - the cult classic that so many people hold so dear?!"

"The one with that cute Molly Ringwald in it?"

"Yes! And let's 'update' Ally Sheedy's character and turn her into an adorable girl with a pageboy cut who wears polo jumpers!"

"Let's eliminate the burnout character and instead turn him into a hipster who wears a cool cotton hoodie!"

I love The Breakfast Club! If there is anyone out there that has not seen this movie. Shame on you! Rent it tonight. It is worth it!

As for the commercial, oh no, they didn't!


Amy and Andrew said...

Oh my goodness! That is pretty much pathetic.

Sarah, Eric and Alexander said...

When I saw it the first thought that came to my mind was "Are any of these kids old enough to know what they are mimicking?"

Karen said...

It is pathetic, but maybe I am too for getting upset about it. :)
I'm sure those in the commercial have no idea about the real Breakfast Club.

Amy and Andrew said...

Did you all see the Target add with the spoof on Ferris Beuller's Day Off? Beuller...Beuller....