Thursday, January 15, 2009

Green Lollipops

So tonight I am saying goodnight to my "most favorite girl in the world", as I call her, Charlotte. She gives me her famous "one more hug and kiss", also known as a stall tactic.

Tonight, I needed something. My work life is completely out of control and I had an absolutely terrible day.

But, in the great tradition for what I started this blog for in the first place...finding strength in the small things, she made my night and whole day.

When a three year old starts a comment with "Mommy you smell like...", one never knows what will come next.

Tonight I was pleasantly surprised and somehow, it made my whole terrible day drift away.

"Mommy, you smell like green lollipops!"

Thank you Charlotte. I love you.


MKG said...

I love it!!!!
"Out of the mouth of babes..."

Amy and Andrew said...

I've heard of that scent! I think it's by Chanel.

AP said...

Could there ever be a more wonderful scent? Green lollipops...ahhhh