Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unexpected Gift

This Christmas was filled with gifts, both big and small. Both meaningful and practical. But, I also received what might possibly be the most unexpected and most wonderful gift I got.

A few years ago my grandfather, aka Poppie, passed away and my Mom and her two sisters went through his house dividing up belongings and memorabilia. When they were finished there were a few things that were available for us grandkids. Actually granddaughters, Poppie had six granddaughters. There was really only one thing that I wanted to have. It was his, or our family, Bible. I thought it would be great to have, since Gordon and I didn't have one of our own in the house and this one had some handwritten dates and family tree-like things inside.

So, long story short...if more than one of us wanted the same thing, our names went in a hat and it was chosen at random who would get that particular item. My cousin Erin and I both wanted the Bible.
Can you see where I am going with this?
Names in a hat...Erin's name pulled out. She got the Bible. While I was disappointed, I knew it was fair. Now, this was a few years ago.

This Christmas, Erin and Anne came to our house on Christmas Day. Erin told me she had something for me. It was the Bible. This was the greatest gift.

I don't know how to thank her enough. I know she told me that she wanted me to have it, for our family, for our kids.

Erin, you are one in a million. Thank you.


MKG said...

I'm so glad that you treasure this antique "treasure".

AP said...

I am so touched. In fact, a bit teary. I know that you will treasure our family bible and knew that Erin would too. How blessed we are to have such a wonderful, caring, loving and generous family. What an awesome gift of love from Erin to you! I am certain that Poppie is smiling!