Friday, August 13, 2010

I Remember...

I remember the ups and downs.

I remember the nurse calling and saying "you're pregnant"!

I remember telling Daddy you were coming!

I remember the last MD appointment. Dr. Mihalek said "Are you ready to have a baby?" Me "NO!" Him "Yes you are. Let's do it tomorrow".

I remember not sleeping that night.

I remember going in to the hospital with butterflies in my stomach.

I remember thinking this is what we've wanted for so long!

I remember shaking when I got my IV.

I remember getting my epidural. And then it not working on one side.

I remember having a mirror so I could see you coming.

I remember Daddy saying "It's a Girl!" And crying, crying, crying!

I remember holding you for the first time. My little baby girl. My gift from God.

I remember naming you "Charlotte" because we wanted you to have a special name. Named after a special guy. And your middle name "Anne", after a special lady.

I remember Grammie coming to the hospital after midnight to see you...she couldn't wait.

I remember Nana and Grandpa coming to see you, and Nana wore pink!

I remember so many aunts, uncles, friends, cousins, etc. etc. etc. came to see our little miracle. Lots of them wearing pink!

I remember bringing you home. Sitting in the backseat with you because we were so nervous.

I remember writing down every little thing you did, or we did for that first year.

I remember your first day at Lisa's. Oh how I cried!

I remember your fluffy head!

I remember when you started talking...could it be only at ten months old! Yes it was!

I remember your "open mouth kisses".

I remember your first birthday! On the Places You Will Go!

I remember you were the one who started saying "It's just gas"! :)

I remember you and your siblings are what truly matter.

I remember having you tell the world that you were going to be a big sister!

I remember you being do excited to come visit Ian and me in the hospital.

I remember how much you wanted to help.

I remember what a wonderful big sister you became to Ian.

I remember your giggles.

I remember how much you love books. You used to want to sleep with them. Beg me to take you to the library!

I remember your hugs.

I remember so many of the things that you said.

I remember your first day of dance. You were so scared. Now we can't stop you from dancing!!

I remember your first day of preschool. You were so excited. And I cried! Oh how I cried!

I remember your excitement when we told you we were having another baby.

I remember you insisted it was a girl. We tried to prepare you for the fact it might be a boy.

I remember you were right! You were the first person we called when Genevieve was born, and you said "I told you it was a girl"!

Oh Charlotte, I hope you will always know the joy you brought and continue to bring into our lives. You were our first miracle.

Now with kindergarten looming on the horizon, I just can't believe it is time for you to grow up that much more. Everyday I look at you and think you grew a little more overnight. You're not my baby anymore. You're not a toddler either. You are a little girl, who loves Barbies, playing hide and seek, stuffed animals, making friends, and who is a light in our lives!

I hope all your dreams come true. I hope you stay the happy girl you are today!

We love you Charlotte!
It's time for kindergarten! *deep breath*


MKG said...

Okay, Karen, so now I'm bawling!!!! Unfortunately, or fortunately, it's just another step forward; and somehow we, as mothers, all get through it. Enjoy every minute of it; it goes so fast (look at the past 37 years).

Amy and Andrew said...

We remember too! Have a great start to kindergarten, Charlotte. We'll be thinking of you. We love and miss you all!

AP said...

I was already weepy yesterday before reading your post. Then I got going in earnest. One of my thoughts was "Portland, OR....deep breath." Life is an amazing journey. Your post has me remembering so many lovely moments. Love you, your beautiful children, your beautiful family.

Tracy said...

Oh, my goodness, sure do know how to tug on those heartstrings! Wonderful post, it brought tears to my eyes! Best of luck to Charlotte (and her mommy!) as she embarks on this new adventure!