Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Steps!

Today Ian took his first steps! Just eleven months old. How fast he has grown? Almost one year old, climbing everything, and now beginning to walk...too fast.

He literally is too fast, it is hard to get a photo of him, and he seems to be growing even faster.

He took his first steps the same spot Charlotte did. It, of course, made me cry. I am a sap, or I like to think of it as sentimental...sensitive, but in a good way. Such an exciting thing, learning to walk.

First steps. Where will they lead? It makes me think of his future. What does it hold? How will I keep up? How can I be sure to savor these small steps, when soon they will be so big!

Off and just try to keep up! (photo from


Mom said...

You'll keep up; just as you have done with Charlotte; just as we all have done over the years with our little ones growing into big ones. Enjoy every minute of it -- it all passes too quickly. I remember well your first steps.

Amy and Andrew said...

Congratulations, Ian! I agree with your mom. You will definitely keep up, and more than that, you will lead them. And they will be all the better for it.

AP said...

How wonderful! You are, I am sure, off and running at his side. Enjoy it! It's a wonderful race and he'll go far with you and your beautiful young family cheering him on! I can hardly wait to see him!

Anonymous said...

He just wants to keep up with his big sister. Congratulations, Ian!! Now the fun begins. You'll be fine and now Charlotte can help chase after him.

Love, SA