Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Vote!

It's funny how living in the USA gives us so many freedoms that we take for granted. Of course today is election day, polls closing here in CT in approximately 5 minutes from now.

As I waited in line for my paper ballot, I was thinking about who to vote for. What are the things that matter to me and my family? How will this election effect the future of our country? The future our children will inherit? I took my ballot to my little partitioned desk. Picked up the marker. And stared at the names on the ballot. I stared for a while. Thinking about everything that I have heard on the tv, radio, read in the paper, magazines, etc. Trying to make sense of it all again in that moment. These names on the paper can effect my life and the lives of my kids, my Mom, my "other" parents, my sisters, brothers, everyone I know and love. Do you think they know that the little people like me struggle with giving them that power?

Ok, I know some of you are thinking..."Karen, you're one vote is not that powerful". But to me it is. I am an American. Proud to be one. I have the freedoms that come with living in this country. And the responsibility to vote for the leaders that are in charge of our country and our states.

So, it's out of my hands. I've picked my candidate. Now we watch and wait.

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