Friday, November 21, 2008

My Dad

Well, it's been eight years, since the darkest day of my life thus far. My Dad passed away suddenly. I have never been the same since. I can't seem to forget the events, the different specifics about that day...that sometimes I wish I could forget. I don't know if it ever gets easier. I think about him so much, especially this time of year.
One of my best friends said something to me about losing a parent that has stuck with me. She said it doesn't get easier, it is just something we learn to accept. I miss him so much. I have lost a number of people in my life, but there is nothing like losing a parent. And a father daughter relationship is something special. Or atleast it was for us.

I want to take this post and remember how wonderful he was. He was so much fun! A great sense of humor, and a way of making people feel comfortable. He knew how to have fun. Many people tell me that I am like him in that way, and I can only hope that is true.

I remember when Gordon, my Mom, my Dad, and I all went to Washington D.C. to see his favorite team the Washington Redskins play. We even got to go on the field before the game. One of my best friends had gotten us the tickets. My Dad was beaming the whole time. I will NEVER forget his face, and how excited he was.

He knew how to live life. How to love life! I know alot of people say things like this about people after they are gone, but those of you who really knew my Dad, I think would agree.
I would love to hear any and all memories that anyone out there has of this remarkable man that I miss, and I know many of you miss as well.
Please tell me.

I love you Daddy, and miss you everyday, not just on November 22.

PS I just posted this at 9pm, and a commercial came on the tv, when I hit "publish post" about Johnnie Walker...coincidence, I think not! :)


Amy and Andrew said...

I may have had limited experiences with your Dad but those few have confirmed for me that he was a wonderful and kind man, father, husband, and friend to many. He always brought smiles and continues to. He always managed to laugh and make others laugh. I have heard how much he has taught Gordon over the years and I wish I had more time to learn from him too. I can't not think of him whenever I see or hear reference to the Redskins. The picture you posted of you and him is one that I will never forget; it represents his joy and love for his family and all those around him. That image is one that I will always carry with me.

cheers to a great man!

Mom said...

Okay, so I'm crying again! What a great tribute! We will never get over it, and that's okay; but we ARE adjusting and learning to live with the great loss.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I know your dad would have been very proud of you and your life as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, professional, and friend. We didn't know him for long enough, but enough to know what a fine, fine man he was. I also think of him whenever the Redskins are mentioned. You will always miss him, but remember the good things and special times to tell Charlotte and Ian about him as they get older. We can all take a lesson from him about loving his family and life. Appreciate today and be thankful, EVERY day.
Your M.I.L!!

AP said...

First, you ARE like him!!! Believe it. It's true. Your LAUGHTER, your love of family and friends. You learned well from his example.
It's hard to put tresured memories into words, but here's one. On our last camping trip with your parents, he taught your little cousins to play set-back, and we all played together. Katie is now somewhat of a set-back fiend, on the beach or a family vacation. With your dad's usual love of life, he would bet on even a bare Jack, stating, "I have a partner!!" Every time we play cards with friends we think of him fondly. We smile and laugh. He continues to bring joy, through memories, through you, your sisters and his grandchildren.
I am blessed to have loved and been loved by your father. He was in so many ways my big brother. Thanks for sharing him! Love you, Charlie! Did you eat your salad? Are you playing the piano?

Karen said...

Well, I have to say it again! I have the most supportive family and friends. Such a tough thing to loose a parent, but with all these comments and all the emails I have gotten since posting this post, as been overwhelming! Thank you!

Tracy P said...

Karen, while I didn't know your dad that well, I remember him so vividly! He had such a great sense of humor and wonderful laugh. And you know what? I see him any time I see Charlotte. Hugs to you and your family.